Region 1

2013 Region I Championships

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the Region I Championships? June 27th – July 2nd at URI in Rhode Island

I have a previous state champion patch already on my right sleeve, what do I do with this year’s patch?  Put it on your left sleeve OR if your left sleeve is full then place it on the right sleeve of your alternate jersey.

Can we practice on the game fields? Practice is NOT allowed on game fields at URI. 

What do I have to bring to the Mandatory Team Official Registration being held at the Crowne Plaza (HQ Hotel) on Thursday, June 27th from 9:00am to 1:00pm? You are required to present your US Youth Soccer Member passes for every player and team official listed on your NCS Roster. You are also required to present a Medical Release form for Every Player on your roster attending this event. The registration official will check to make sure there is a medical release form for every player. Each Team Official will be given back their medical release forms – you must keep with you at all times.

What happens if a player does not have a member pass? Any player without their US Youth Soccer Member pass CANNOT play in the Region I Championships.

What happens if a team official does not have a member pass? Any Team Official (maximum four (4) per team) without their member pass WILL NOT be given a Team Bench Pass and therefore will be prohibited from being present on the team bench side.

How many team-bench passes will my team receive and where do I pick them up? You will receive bench passes for each Team Official listed on your NCS Roster and attending the Region I Championships (maximum of 4 per team). Bench passes will be distributed at the Team Official Registration on Thursday, June 27th at the HQ Hotel (Crowne Plaza). Keep in mind that Team Officials must present their official State Association member pass at registration.

Do the Team Officials, sitting on the bench, have to wear their Bench Pass? YES and MUST be visible to the Referees and Tournament Officials while sitting on the team bench or standing by the team bench during game time. Failure to do so, will result in dismissal from the sideline.

I see there are three (3) Team Official Meetings scheduled at the HQ Hotel on Thursday, June 27th do I have to attend all three meetings? You are only required to attend one of the three meetings. It is important that you attend to make sure you are update to date on all information for this event. Also a local host person will be in attendance to give you traffic and parking information for URI.

Where in the Crowne Plaza is the Team Official Registration and the Mandatory Team Official Meetings? Registration will be held in the Plaza Ballroom and the Team Official Meetings will be held in the Tiverton Room.  UPDATED 5/20

Is there a MANDATORY Attendance Rule for the Opening Ceremonies @ Meade Stadium at URI? YES for the U12 through U18 age groups both boys and girls. It is optional for the U19 Boys and Girls.

What happens if my team fails to attend this event and or leaves the ceremony before being dismissed by the Region I Director? Per the Region I Championships Rules & Polices, your team will be fined $1,000.00 and the fine must be paid to Region I within thirty days of completion of the Region I Championships. In addition, if a U19 team does choose to attend Opening Ceremonies they are bound by the same attendance/dismal rules as previously described and will be fined $1,000.00

How should my team dress for this event? All teams MUST be uniformly dressed and march along with their coaches and or assistant coach.

How do the Premier League Teams march in the Parade? Teams attending the Region I Championships as the Premier League Representative will march TOGETHER; not with their individual state association  UPDATED 5/13/13

What will the traffic be like traveling to URI from surrounding areas? ALL teams MUST allow enough travel time for any unexpected travel problems etc. This event is being held during a very popular holiday week with thousands of vacationing families and ALL roads will be hectic especially in and out of URI. Read carefully the Grace Period section of the Rules. You do not want to be late.

Will there be trainers at both URI game areas? YES – trainers will be available from 7:00am to the close of the last game at URI game areas.

Where will trainers be located? Trainers will be located at the tent marked by the “Medical” Banner.

Will pre-game taping be available at both URI game areas?  YES taping will be available. REMINDER: First priority of all trainers will be injuries and not the taping of players. UPDATED 5/20

Will water be available for the players at their game field? YES water and cups will be available at all team benches, even if you bring your own water.

Will there be tent coverage for the team benches? Yes there will be tents for team benches.

My opponent is wearing the same color jersey, who has to change? The visiting team has the choice of jersey color and therefore the home team MUST change jerseys.

Are sleeveless jerseys allowed in the National Championships Series Competition? Sleeveless jerseys are allowed if they are finished (sewn armhole, etc. They cannot just be a t-shirt or jersey with the sleeve cut off. They must all have a unique number.

How do we know who is the Home Team? The team listed first in the scheduled match is the home team.

My son broke his wrist and has a soft cast that is wrapped with bubble wrap, will he be able to play at the Region I Championships? That decision is up to the referee for each game your son will play in while competing at the event. Have your team manager or coach bring your son to the referee before the start of the game to inspect the cast and then make his or her decision as to whether he will be able to play in the game. He will have to go through the same procedure for every game.

Where can I find the “tiebreaker rules”? The rules pertaining to group winners and advancement can be found in the Region I Rules & Regulations on the Region I Website and in the event souvenir program.

Do yellow cards accumulate? No, yellow cards do not accumulate from game to game.

I will be coaching two teams at the Region I Championships will it be possible to arrange my schedule so I can be available for both games? Matching schedules for coaches who coach more than one (1) team will not be entertained.

Are there medals for 3rd place?  Yes, for the U12 through U17 age groups boys and girls - those teams defeated in semi-final matches are to report to the designated Awards Ceremony area upon completion of the match to be presented with Bronze Medals

My team is playing in the Championship Game, is there a Mandatory Player/Team Official Sign In? NO, the signing of the roster is no longer required per the NCS Rules.

Where are Nationals this year (2013)?  Region I Champions in the U-13 and Older Age Groups will be participating in the US Youth Soccer National Championships from July 21-28 in Overland Park, Kansas.