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General Information#

Qualifications for Entry

Participation in the Spring 2014 Region I Northeast League will qualify teams for their National Championship Competition. The Region I Colonial League is available ONLY to those teams within the following State Associations of Region I:

Eastern New York
New Hampshire
Rhode Island

Only a US Youth soccer organization member can apply to compete in the Region I Northeast League. A team cannot be sponsored by a US Youth Soccer Member. any US Youth Soccer club or organization that attempts to sponsor a non US Youth Soccer team is subject to disciplinary action and dismissal of the sponsored team.

The champion of each age group with six or more teams will be offered an AUTOMATIC bid into the Region I Premier League the following season. Champions of the Northeast Regional League WILL NOT be considered for the Premier League Wildcards (U13–U18) for the US Youth Soccer Region I Championships. The Premier League Wildcard is granted to the Champion of the REGION I PREMIER LEAGUE. See Premier League Rules for full details.

Age Groups
  • Boys & Girls Under 12 8v8
  • Boys & Girls Under 12 11v11
  • Boys & Girls Under 13
  • Boys & Girls Under 14
  • Boys & Girls Under 15
  • Boys & Girls Under 16
  • Boys & Girls Under 17
  • Boys & Girls Under 18

League Information
The League will consist of a maximum of sixteen (16) teams for both boys and girls in each of the age groups. The league season will begin in March and play will conclude in May. Teams will play each team in their division once for a 7 game season. Games will be played on Saturdays and generally there will be two (2) games scheduled each day.

Game Availability
All accepted teams must make themselves available for ALL Northeast League Games beginning March 1st through Mother's Day weekend. Game schedules will be published by the League Administrator and will not be changed within 72 hours of the start of the scheduled match.

Teams must recognize that the Region I Northeast League becomes their primary playing league. Teams are expected to play the published league schedule in preference to any other league competition in which they may be entered. This requirement also applies to tournaments that the team may enter. If your team is not prepared to play the published league schedule, your team should not enter the Northeast League.

All teams must demonstrate a continuity of roster from the previous year to the current year. To demonstrate continuity of roster, a minimum of 51% of the players from the team's previous year roster must be on the team's current roster. Any team that does not meet the continuity of roster requirement will be fined $2000 and will be automatically removed from the league. Teams that are new to the league must submit their roster with their League Application.

An official stamped State Association Roster shall be used for the Region I Regional League play. Each team's roster will be frozen for Regional League on  March 16, 2014. This requirement does not change if the first game has to be rescheduled due to weather or other factors. The original submission date for rosters will not change. Note that the freezing of the roster is only for Regional League play and does not affect the team's roster in any other competition.

If the team's State Association date for freezing rosters is earlier than the Regional League date, the team's roster is frozen on the State Association date. Teams that have already completed their State Cup Competition will be permitted to submit a different roster than their frozen State Cup competition roster if their state associations permits and that they maintain a continuity of rosters of 51% between the two rosters.

Guest Players

  • Under 12 through Under 17's: Guest Players will NOT be allowed on any teams participating in the Region I Colonial League.
  • Under 18's: Up to three (3) guest players will be allowed for the U18 age group.

Referee Fees#
The Region I Premier League will use the three (3) man system for all games. Referee fees are as follows:

Age Group
Center Referee
Each Assistant Referee
Under 18
Under 17
Under 16
Under 15
Under 14
Under 13
Under 12

Payment of Referee Fees
Each team will be responsible for bringing their half of the referee game fee to the field. A team that fails to pay their half of the fees will be fined $250.

Referee Assignment
Game Officials will be assigned by either the State Association's SRA or SYRA.

Score Reporting
One designated person from the WINNING team is to report the game scores. Please report scores the weekend of your games by Sunday night 11:00pm. It is suggested to report the score while with the other team before leaving the field to confirm the correct score.

Items you will need to know:

  • Which League:  Premier League , Colonial League, or Northeast League
  • Event ID:  The team contact will be given it before the season starts.
  • 4 Digit Pin:  The team contact will be given it before the season starts.
  • Game Number:  Found on the website next to the game
  • Home team and Away team:  Based on the website not who is hosting the game.

You have 3 options below:

1. CALL 1-904-758-0875

    • You will be prompted to enter
    • EVENT ID: based on league above
    • 4-DIGIT PIN: based on league above
    • Follow the prompts
    • Do not report Red or Yellow Cards
    • Do not leave a message for the league at this number.



    • Download the Gotsoccer app for your phone.
    • Click button
    • Click Event Score

If you report the score wrong you have 24 hours to update it with the correct score.

Application Procedures#
Applications are available online and MUST be completed in their entirety. Please make sure to print a copy of your application and send it along with your check (payable to Region I) for $475 AND the Application Summary and Club Approval Form to Region I Leagues, 233 Nipmuc Road, Foster RI 02825. If you are submitting for the Region I Premier League, please do not submit a separate application for the Northeast League. We will transfer your Premier League application to the Northeast League if you are not accepted into the Premier League. Teams not accepted into the Northeast League will receive their $475 back. Teams who, upon notification of acceptance, withdrawfrom the Northeast League will forfeit their League Fee.
Application Deadline
The application deadline date to enter is Friday, November 8, 2013. Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance will be sent to each team's Primary Contact, via email, on or before December 30, 2013.

Contacts & Administration
Northeast League Commissioner
Steve Votolato
23 Willow Road
Greenville, RI 02828
401-255-5176 (O)
401-949-7857 (F)
Northeast League Administrator
Pat Votolato
23 Willow Road
Greenville, RI 02828
401-255-5178 (O)
401-949-7857 (F)

Forms & Downloads#