Region 1

 Region I Girls ODP
U-12 Academy Weekend
June 20-22, 2014

Player/Parent Information  #

A parent or responsible adult accompanying the player should attend the parent sessions.

Player Sessions will include the following: 

  • Technical Functional Training: What specific technical abilities are needed for specific positions on the field?
  • The Art of Defending: How to be a great defender without relying solely on athleticism
  • Self -Training: How to train with the ball for individual development
  • Skills Awareness: Perform skill tests which are currently being used at the Youth National Team level
  • Feedback: How to utilize feedback to continue to develop as a player

Parent Sessions include some of the following:

  • How do I select the best choices/opportunities for my daughter? i.e. club, school, elite programs, etc.
  • Nutrition Education
  • Common Characteristics of parents of current youth National Team Player (as determined by survey of US Soccer)
  • Over playing and Under Training/When less is more
  • Cross training and multiple sport athletes
  • What is Region I Girls ODP program and what are the benefits for players?
  • Former Region I players in college and on Youth National Teams

Some of the topics may be modified or times changed. This is meant as a general outline of the event. All players should be prepared to bring cleats, shin guards, and a well inflated ball. If you are a goalkeeper, please bring your gloves as well. Please also bring black shorts and black socks for each day. We will provide water at the field, bring a re-fillable water bottle. You will be given numbered shirts to wear.

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2014 Academy Weekend Schedule (Maryland Soccerplex)    # 

Friday, June 20th

3:00 PM Hotel Check-In
3:00 to   3:45 PM Check in at Fields (players will be given a team # and Shirt
3:45 PM Player/Parent Welcome and Introductions (Discovery Sports Center @ MD Soccerplex)
4:00 PM Player Sessions Begin (players meet coaches at designated fields)
4:00 PM Parent Sessions Begin (Discovery Sports Center @ MD Soccerplex)

Saturday, June 21st

10:00 AM Player Sessions 
10:00 AM Parent Session (Discovery Sports Center @ MD Soccerplex)
12:00 PM Player and Parent Sessions End
12:00 PM Break for Lunch
 1:30 PM Nutrition Session for Parents & Players (Discovery Sports Center & MD Soccerplex)
 2:15 PM Player Sessions (players meet coaches at designated fields)
 4:00 PM Player Sessions End

Washington Sprit Game (we have arrayed for discount tickets)

Sunday, June 22nd

 9:00 AM Player Sessions (players meet coaches at designated fields)
 9:15 AM Parent Session (Discovery Sports Center @ MD Soccerplex)
11:00 AM Camp wrap-up for players & parents (at designated fields)

U12 Forms & Downloads   #