Region 1

2013-2014 Region I Calendar of Events

COL/NER Region I Colonial/Northeast Leagues
CUP Region I Championships
ODP ODP Tournament
PRS President's Cup
RPL Region I Premier League
Region I/US Youth Soccer General Event

March 2014

StartEndProgramEvent DetailsLocation
2/28/143/02/14BODPTraining - 1996 & 1997Kirkwood SC, DE
3/16/143/31/14GODPInternational Trip (U16 & U17)Sochi, Russia
3/19/143/26/14GODPInternational Event (U15, U16 & U17)Costa Rica
3/22/143/30/14BODPInternational Trip (1997)South Africa

April 2014

StartEndProgramEvent DetailsLocation
4/01/144/01/14GODPDEADLINE:  Coaching Symposium Registration/FeeRegion I Office
4/07/144/07/14ODPDEADLINE:  Tournament Housing/Meals Request FormRegion I Office
4/07/144/07/14GODPDEADLINE: Camp Entry Form & PaymentRegion I Office
4/07/144/07/14BODPDEADLINE:  Camp Entry Form & PaymentRegion I Office
4/14/144/14/14lODPLAST DAY to withdraw a team and receive a refundRegion I Office
4/12/144/21/14BODPInternational Trip (1998)Italy
4/17/144/17/14GODPGODP Coaching SymposiumKirkwood SC, DE
4/16/144/18/14GODPSpring Training - 2000'sKirkwood SC, DE
4/18/144/18/14GODPPlay Day - Region I 2000's and NSA 1999'sKirkwood SC, DE
4/26/145/05/14BODPInternational Trip (2000)Germany

May 2014

StartEndProgramEvent DetailsLocation
5/01/145/01/14lODPDEADLINE:  Rider Univ Housing & Meals CostsRegion I Office
5/05/145/05/14PRSDEADLINE: NSA Approved Rosters & Sit Out Verification FormRegion I Office
5/10/145/11/14RPLRegion I Premier League SF/FinalsKirkwood SC, DE
5/14/145/14/14PRSSchedules ReleasedRegion I Website
5/20/145/20/14ODPDatabase Roster Freeze for all State Association PoolsRegion I Website
5/23/145/23/14PRSRegion I President's Cup Tournament RegistrationPA West
5/24/145/26/14PRSRegion I President's CupPA West

June 2014

Start End Program Event Details Location
6/01/146/10/14BODPInternational Tournament (1995 & 1996)Germany/France
6/02/14 6/02/14 BODP DEADLINE: Camp Housing Form & Fees Region I Office
6/02/14 6/02/14 GODP DEADLINE: Camp Housing Form & Fees Region I Office
6/06/14 6/08/14 ODP Region I ODP Tournament Lawrenceville, NJ
6/11/14 6/11/14 CUP DEADLINE: NSA Sit Out Verification Form Bill Sturdivant
6/13/14 6/13/14 BODP 12PM DEADLINE: Final Adjustments for Camp Region I Office
6/13/14 6/13/14 GODP 12PM DEADLINE: Final Adjustments for Camp Region I Office
6/16/146/16/14 CUP 10AM DEADLINE:  Club Pass CUT-OFF date for NSA Region I Office
6/17/14 6/17/14 CUP 4PM DEADLINE: Online Registration Verification for NSA Region I Website
6/18/14 6/18/14 CUP DEADLINE: NCS Rosters and State Rosters Laura Sturdivant & Region I Office
6/19/14 6/19/14 CUP Schedules Released Region I Website
6/21/14 6/22/14 ODP Region I ODP Tournament Semi-Finals/Finals New Castle, DE
6/26/14 6/26/14 CUP Mandatory Registration, Team Officials Meeting and Opening Ceremonies Rhode Island
6/27/14 7/01/14 CUP Region I Championships Univ of Rhode Island

July 2014

Start End Program Event Details Location
7/05/147/07/14BODP2002 Development CampWashington College
7/05/14 7/08/14 BODP Camp 1: 2001  Age Group Rider University
7/05/147/07/14GODPCamp 1: 95/96 (U19) & 2002 (U12)U of Rhode Island
7/07/14 7/10/14 GODP Camp 2: 1999 (U15), 1998 (U16) & 1997 (U17) U of Rhode Island
7/10/147/13/14GODPCamp 3: 2001 (U13) & 2000 (U14)U of Rhode Island
7/09/14 7/12/14 BODP Camp 2: 2000 & 1999 Age Groups Rider University
7/09/14 7/12/14 BODP Camp 3: 1998 & 1997 Age Groups Kutztown Univ
7/09/14 7/13/14 PRS US Youth Soccer President's Cup Finals Greenville, SC
7/13/147/15/14BODP2002 Development CampDeerfield Acad (MA)
7/13/14 7/16/14 BODP Call Back Camp: 2001 Age Group Kutztown Univ
7/19/14 7/22/14 BODP Call Back Camp: 2000, 1999, 1998 & 1997's Rider University
7/20/13 7/27/13 CUP US Youth Soccer National Championships MD Soccerplex